Friday, May 19, 2017

What is THE hardest Pit to Get out of?

Without a doubt the WORSTE predicament I have ever found myself in is SELF PITty.  It is that place where everything in life is happening to me, I am simply coping with what has come instead of actively using my ability and gift to chose to create things in my life.  It is that place where I am such a "good sport".  I can really "make due".  I am "doing my best with the hand I've been given".  There is a big difference between "I am using all the resources I posses to create the resources I lack and to further create what I want." and "Well, I just have to do the best with what I've got."  as if what I've got has nothing to do with my own choices, as if I have not choice or power to do something else.

  The idea of making the best of what I have is a GREAT place to start, it's WAY better than the idea that since I believe all my issues were thrust upon me I will do nothing to create a solution. Yet, it is a serious trap.  Isn't that what it really means to believe we are prewired genetically, and there is no epigenetic solution?

If I were only a body, that could be true, but since I am a spirit within a body, I have epigenetic control.  I don't have to be a slave to my biology.  That's why it matters that I am a daughter of God.  It means I have choices and I'm not stuck with all the hands I've been dealt.  Obviously, I do not know how to grow new limbs, etc.  But when it comes to many physical issues, I have a lot more control, just my making better choices for myself.

God has the keys that unlock the power to change my life. He uses them in my behalf, I have to ask, seek them out, and walk through the doors when He opens them.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

-Healing: It’s Not ONLY About Desire, It’s About Faith

Have you ever felt didn't get an answer to prayer that you really needed?  You felt like youlittle girl crying covering her face should have gotten the answer, because the DESIRE was real?  But God's requirement is not desire, but intent.  Intent is what you are going to do with what you learn, if the answer He has for you requires you to do something you are not willing to do, you might not get the answer, not because He is not willing, but because you are not willing.

Healing is similar, healing requires more than desire, it requires faith.  Faith means, whatever you have to do to get the healing, whatever God tells you, including just let go of the boundaries you've put on God's ability to heal, you'll do trusting that God will do for you what you cannot. Sometimes, getting healing means feeding faith and identifying the barriers that WE have put on healing that really have no relevance to what God can and WANTS to do.
parent:child holding hands
The desire is necessary, it is part of the agency God doesn't violate.  We need to identify the ways we are actually holding onto our weaknesses, pain, sickness, anger, etc.  What are we using those things to excuse? (I may have mentioned this before.) But still, desire isn't enough. We need faith.  What blocks us from getting the healing we want, we need, and God wants us to have?

Here's what I've found in me and in others I work with:
*I believe my sickness -or whatever you want to name it- is making me special, important, valued, remembered, etc.
*I believe I can only rest if I am sick in some way.
*I believe God can only heal me as far and as much as science, medicine, my psychologist, friends, etc. says I can.
*I have lived with it so long, I am afraid to live without it.
*I have made it my identity.
*I use it to excuse living courageously, passionately, or fully.   I use it so I don't have to grow or to do hard things.

Accessing faith for healing often means getting to a level of amazing honesty that many have never small shoe picdreamed of.  It means feeding faith through immersing ourselves in the truth of the Gospel (the GOOD NEWS), and the reasons we CAN heal. It means that we sometimes do not believe in Christ as we think or say we do.  It means coming to the place where we say "Lord, help THOU my unbelief". When miracles cease, it is because faith has ceased or because of wickedness.  Biblical accounts of divinely ordained illness specified that it was SO they can be healed as a witness to the glory and power of God. (some examples)

Submitting to God's will often makes healing possible,  it's the state of being that is most helpful to healing.  Submitting to God is the state of being where we have let go of our own ideas about how it "ought" to be.  There is a difference between assuming that YOUR illness, hardship, pain, etc. is God's will and finding out that it is. There is a difference between submitting to God and submitting to "illness".  There are bitter cups that we have to drink, but those serve a purpose, they help us or others, they are not meant to be consignment to misery, a life sentence to suffering.  Jesus suffered that we might not.  His cross is not the suffering, but what that cross did, what it gave to us and taking it up means to take it to others and to deny ourselves of all ungodliness, only suffering for Christ's sake ....not for illness' not to suffer for the sake of suffering's sake.
In my own experience I have had things God healed directly, with no intermediate helper, and things He said I had to get healing from through other people's help and the skills He'd lead them to develop, like doctors, surgeon's, therapists.  But if my trust had been in them, the healing could only go as far as those skills could take me, and with God's help I have been able to surpass it.  My story includes a hysterectomy at 27 to remove a completely dead and prolapsed uterus AND a thriving happy sexlife with my husband having received the healing from sexual trauma that makes deep, loving connection possible despite sexual abuse.  Interestingly, the "experts" and specialists in psychology said healing was impossible, but coping was available.  In the case of my surgery, there were other issues besides my uterus that were healed and helped and further surgery was prevented.  My healing in all these cases came from God, though at times it came through other people with training and skills God didn't bless me with or lead me to develop.

There were so many things I learned about trusting God and about who I really am, what defines me by NOT being healed without medical help.  I learned that when I pray for it, God can get through to medical minds, any mind, the things they need in order to go the right direction for highest good.  I learned that my ability to have children, though the most enriching part of my life, did not define me.  I learned that my ability to "push through things" didn't define me or make me valuable, and worthwhile as a human being.  I learned that singing didn't make me valuable, important, worthy, etc.  I learned my value is inherent because I am God's daughter and Jesus Christ died for me.  I learned that who I am is so much deeper than what I could or could not do for myself or others.  I also learned that releasing emotional trauma released physical damage and sickness too, but most importantly I learned to be fully in tuned to God and His will for me, and that it ALWAYS works out better than my own plans.Evidence..FuturePNG

Healing, the ability to heal and the purpose of it is not something any other person can define for you or tell you the limits of, it is a deeply personal intelligence between you and God, but DON'T give up!!!! Don't let it go! Don't SETTLE.  (see my FB rant here) Submit to God, but not to "illness".  Do what God says and trust Him.  You may need a combination of science and spirit to heal.  You may need to abstain from chemicals and cling to the promises given us based on our faith in order to heal.  You may need psychologists and energy therapists.  You may need any combination of things to assist you, or nothing but you and God!  My invitation to you is: KEEP Hope, KEEP Faith, KEEP Trust, KEEP God and His promises, never settle or give up. Submit to God, not to limits.
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Am I a Failure?

A Failure is someone who, I guess I am a failure. The good news is not that we are NOT failures but that God already planned for the times we'd fail.  As a mom, I find two polar opposite reactions to my struggles.  I find that people either want to criticize my parenting or they want to tell me that whatever I do is okay.  The problem is that the criticism rarely comes with any real investigation into what I have actually done when they weren't watching and the justification goes against my knowledge of right and wrong.  When you are SCREAMING at a toddler for doing a normal toddler thing, you are failing.  When you slap your teenager, you are failing.  When you are swearing at your kids you are failing.  When you are too anxious to do things you feel you should, you are failing.  I am a failure.  I have done all of those things. But I'm not giving in and I'm not giving up.

The good news is that I am not judged by God on a permanent basis for what I am right now, but on what I am becoming and to what degree I trust Him and turn to Him in my failures.

I guess I am not all one thing, I want to be all good and all success, but I am not.  The truth is that life is sometimes hard and sometimes I don't step up to it.  I believe there is always a way to do it better, especially when you are failing.  I don't need to believe that it was the only thing I could do or that it was even my best, I just need to know that I can change, be changed, and be forgiven. Experiencing failure is inevitable, remaining a failure is a choice.
Love for God and my family urges me to be better everyday.  God's love for me makes it possible.  Jesus sacrifice makes it attainable.  The only way to fail permanently is to give up, and I get to make choices about that.


Don't you give up either!

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Can *I* be Healed?

For over a year, since I had my breakdown (did you know that? It was in December of 2014) I have struggled and felt my very being was under attack.  I've known for a long time that the thoughts and beliefs in my heart and mind cause me more pain than anything anyone could say or do to me.  When the data that surfaces is the loathing you have for yourself, underneath all the positive affirmations, when you come to grips with the reality that YOU are your biggest's (well at least for me) crushing.  I was never lieing to myself or to others, I did love myself...the parts I was conscious of..or I believed I did. 
When it comes to a point where you realize that your ralationships are broken, all the onlittle girl crying covering her facees that mean most because YOU are broken It’s..HARD…  There can be shame associated with that idea, but really, that realization is the birthplace of the healing that you need.  No one seeks The Healer until they recognise they need Him and what for.  Coming to the end of your hope, the end of your personal ability to change is -sometimes- the only way to find The Healer.  He is there all along, but it seems, we sometimes don't open our eyes until we are at the end of our understanding and when all our “tools" have seemed to fail. Love of self is important, but love of God is vital.
The tools I used before that time are and were effective for accessing His grace, the love that surrounds me, but when my little crack became a rift with added pressure of grief and single/married motherhood of teens.....the tools were trite patronizing answers to a fathomless pit of questions and despair.  I felt as if my soul had been ripped apart and the very fabric of my eternal being was decimated.  It wasn't really because my mother died, it was because I was already dying and in the moment I should have turned to God most, I turned my heart against woman looking up cropped (on site) PNGHim....much like a child that doesn't get their way, I threw a tantrum. 
I didn't dare to hope.  You see, a religious conference talk that seemed to give so many people peace, really ripped my hope apart.  As I listened to a man who I believe speaks as a mouthpiece for God, I heard a limited God, a limited promise, a limited Saviour.  My emotional and spiritual life has been saved time and again by holding to the promise of scriptures that assure God's strength, power and desire to help me, and this talk seemed to me to say "You'll just have to tough it out until the next life...."  I am not claiming that what I heard was the intended message of the speaker.

So, I'll be honest, if my only option in this life is to suffer through it, I'll take  In the excruciating moments of torture of mind and soul, it is the promise of healing and comfort IN THIS LIFE that have kept me from the unthinkable.  It has been devastating to me that when I have born a witness of that promise, I have been met with the hatred and judgement of people who told me that because of that conference talk I was apostate, or "unChristlike", judgemental, hateful, uncompassionate, etc.  But really, having been in that deep despair, having been to the edge of the cliff of suicide, I know the forces that pull over the edge and the ones that bring back. The force that pulls to the cliff is the belief there is no way out except in death.  The promise of Christ's Grace, of His love and healing, His sustaining power and influence in my life pulls me from the despair of pain and grief.  I have healed from things my Christian psychologist said I could only hope to cope with.  I have overcome things that many believe to be permanently damaging, I have been able to help others through their despair and grief too.
I have some things in my life that God chose not to heal.  I had a Quote from Marnie's Bookhysterectomy instead of being healed.  I understand that sometimes the healing comes in a direct way and sometimes in a way less appealing or pleasing.  I had that hysterectomy after an answer from God that it was the path He wanted me to take.  I am not adverse to going the medical route for healing, but I would have lost more than my uterus and more than my mind if I had not learned early on to seek healing and guidance from God.  For those who need healing and hope, who are facing that despair of depression, anxiety, shame the answer may be a path through medical science and psychology, but the guidance of the Holy Ghost and the power of The Healer (Jesus Christ) is what will make the difference between the darkness overcoming you and the light of Christ enlivening you.  
There is no compassion or Charity in validating an illness rather than validating a person.  There is no kindness in reaffirming permanent brokenness rather than extending hope for healing.  One thing I know for sure is that a person who gives up on healing gets less of it than the person who holds onto the hope for it.  I’d rather extend a voice of hope than reaffirm the voice of fear and despair.
Jesus said over and over that with faith we could do all things, that even mountains could move, depression is a mountain, surely He can move it, anxiety is a mountain, surely He can move it.  Pain is a mountain, He can move it. When He ministered on the earth, the record shows that He healed all that came to him with willingness and faith.  Learning to assess to truth of my faith helped me to accept more healing into my life.  Learning to recognize my lack of faith was the preparation I needed to put my heart and ind to strengthening my faith through prayer and study of scripture.  So this is my witness:  Jesus Lives and because He lives there is hope.  He lives and because He lives there is healing.  He took upon himself our sin and our anguish that we might not suffer if we turn to Him.  He loves each of us just as much as He loved those He came into contact with in His ministry on earth and His power to heal has not diminished in as much as He is infinite and eternal as is His sacrifice and victory.  In Him I trust.  In Him I place my faith and my life.  To Him I give my heart and all my pain, in Him I am healed.
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Christ is the Way

Site pic with words smpngThere is a LIGHT in each of us, Re-ignite your SPARK!

>>> It' time to make changes that will make your life happy, fulfilling, and rewarding.  It's time to learn how to find joy in any circumstance.  It's time to break free!


I believe: 
There is a God. In His hands we are powerful. He loves me, and everyone else. I am a messenger, He is the healer. He is the light, I am a torch. I am responsible for the life and all of the gifts He gave me. I am accountable for my life. I am a powerful creator in my own life as I follow God. Forgiveness is liberating. Change is beautiful. God can do for me what I cannot do for myself. I organize my life from my deepest beliefs and out of that comes my results. I chose to believe that God is working in life for my best good. The way I feel about what others say about me reflects my own beliefs back to me. When I am angry it is about me, not another person.  A challenge is a great opportunity for growth. Everyone has a purpose for living.
My intention: 
My intention is to show up as my whole self.  When we coach together, there's something important for you to know:  I will try always to focus on you.  That means that when you start talking about another person I will turn the conversation back to you.  We are going to work together most powerfully as we focus on the only people we can change: OURSELVES! 
Through the principles and practices I apply with you, I've been able to recover from abuse, low self esteem, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and emotional divorce.  I have successfully helped others to do the same.  Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Trust, and Acceptance are some of the tools I can teach you how to reclaim and how to use.  Learn how to use the tools you were born with to overcome the problems you're hampered with.
True Power:
The day I decided to forgive myself and others for all mistakes of the past, present, or future was one of the most liberating of my life.  EVERYTHING we have experienced in life IS for our best interest and will be to our great benefit if we shed the blinders of guilt, blame, resentment, and shame.  The only thing holding us back from living free and full lives is our own beliefs. 

Why It Works: 
I believe that whether healing comes directly through prayer or through any type of practitioner it coms from Christ.  Because of Christ all of us can be free of pain, because of Christ all of us can know and fulfill the purpose for our being, because of Christ ALL our wounds can heal.  I’d like to help you clear out the “something” in your way, and help you access more of His healing, light, and guidance.

 I'm Liz King Bradley: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Inspired Living and Recovery Coach (Trauma, Marriage, Life) . I am the creator of multiple breakthrough and LIFE recovery programs and founder of the MamaMasterminds.  I have thought many people how to overcome fear and hopelessness so they can live full and happy lives, deeply connected to God, themselves, and others they love.

The Most Loving Mothers

The most loving mothers in the world....
INSIST you do chores
11749580_10155860324565788_803523519_nbecause doing it themselves is easier, but teaching you empowers you and builds within you the pattern of creation: taking chaos and bringing order.
...and because when life smacks you down and you feel like a failure, being able to return to the basic things and accomplish something reminds you that YOU CAN. (Conquering small things like cleaning the toilet, organizing a room, etc. can remind you your not the worthless piece of trash you feel like when something like unemployment or other major set backs occur.  While being unable to do simple things without someone telling you step by step how to do them can lead to feeling utterly useless...feeling confident in basic skills can set the foundation for building complex ones that help you navigate adult life with competence and certainty.)
11759576_10155860324880788_1716083846_nAND they are not just happy with whatever you do, they do quality control because they believe in your BEST even when you want to do your least. They may say it kindly, but they will say "Go back and make it shine!" <3
Why are mom's with high expectations the greatest blessing there is?
Because moms' with high expectations are constantly saying "You are more than you think you are and I want to help you manifest your fullness, your greatness."
11745614_10155876130340788_5653239033140944632_nIt's never been high expectations that have robed us of joy, only our lack of mercy when we fall short. High expectations + determination and mercy = The GREATEST Possible Fulfillment. Whereas low expectations + excuses = mediocrity, depression and say nothing of a predisposition toward addiction as they seek to fill the void left by the unmet potential.
I think the greatest thing we can do for our kids when they tell us their least is their best is remind them that they are more than they think they are by insisting they take it a step up. Is it really compassion to believe a persons excuse for failure? Or is that really just another way of saying "You're right, you're impotent and cannot possibly be expected to succeed."
Isn't it more empowering and LOVING to insist our children keep moving forward and not buy into their feelings of being less adequate?
Enjoy this audio that goes into further detail about loving our kids and helping them find their greatness!
Insisting on Greatness (Email me for the link at
Liz King Bradley

Lightening Our Burdens

I let go of the idea, years ago, that in oder to be beautiful I had to be skinny.  I let go of the idea that in order to be lovable I had to weight a certain small weight.  I let go of the idea that my happiness depended on a low weight.  But the truth is that the exa weight I carry is an unnecessary and heavy burden on my organs.  It is a form of self hatred and punishment to carry extra weight.  It is a form of self muzzling to stuff emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. with food.  In some ways eating in ways that cause weight gain or the retention of extra weight are a slow suicide.  No one needs to be thin to be loved, but removing excess weight is a LIBERATING form of self love and self respect.
One thing that has surprised me is the amount of things I had forgotten that I used to do before I was too heavy.  I know that I could have more joy in my life and be a greater support to my family's joy if I shed the extra weight I am carrying.  I also know that it will be a great blessing to myself..just to be free of the extra, unneeded mass.
11800260_10155892241485788_3557103555492535217_nI love the term, "releasing weight" or "releasing mass".  I own the weight I carry right now, but I am re-leasing it to God.  I am signing it over to Him.  and now, my job is to be open to what He says is the best way for me to reclaim a healthy body and keep my thoughts and feelings clear of beliefs that will keep me from letting God empower me in this endeavor.
With that goal in mind I have created this audio of beliefs to integrate into myself to help me allow the weight and mass to leave me and embrace the joy and freedom of my healthy body.
11780392_10155860322480788_1178480546_n.jpg yellow
If you want help tuning your mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions into your success and freeing up your body for more activities, more joys and more possibilities, enjoy the following MP3!
Weight and Mass Re-Lease Declarations (Email for the link)

Liz King Bradley

Money is One of God's Blessings

My 50'sThe love of money may be the root of many evils, but the reverence for it as a gift from God is the root of accepting it into your life.
The ideas we have about money determine what we allow into our lives.  If we think we don't deserve it or think it is bad we will reject it on a continual basis and believe we are righteous for doing so.  Yet, money, of itself is only a tool and throughout the bible there are stories of how God blessed his servants with richness, Job, Abraham, Israel as a nation.
11791834_10155860323920788_1391965571_norangeyellowgreenredLoving money as a gift from God is called : gratitude.  If you are struggling with money, or success in business and life, consider the idea that you might be missing opportunities to bring abundance into your life and your family's life because you believe money is bad.  Food, clothing, shelter, family vacations, charitable contributions, etc. are all good and money is usually the resource exchanged for these things, so money can be good.  Money is as good or as bad as what we use it for.

Money, like a spoon, shovel, pencil, computer, freeway, vehicle, etc. is a tool and is as good or as bad as the person using it.

11791847_10155870272125788_916105946_nIf you are looking to improve your relationship with money and increase your ability to receive it into your life where you can do GREAT good with it, press the button below and download this precious MP3 designed to help you go from fear and hatred of money to appreciation and courage in using it to provide, enhance, and enrich your life.

Money and Business Declarations (Email me for the link

Allow God to bless you with abundance in your life and be a conduit for good.

Liz King Bradley

Strawberries and Mommies

I don't think I know any women who don't feel pulled in many directions.
Business woman,
As I pulled weeds and dug around the strawberry plants in my dad's yard I thought how very like that plant we are.
If allowed to just grow and grow, without maintenance, the strawberry plant will put on lots of leaves and vines, and very little, if any, fruit....but FRUIT is what the plant is for.  In order to produce fruit, the superfluous leaves and shoots must be cut back.

There are so many worthy things we must do.  Sometimes, we need to allow our capacity to grow in order to accommodate everything.

Sometimes, in order to allow ourselves to increase in capacity we need to  trim out the superfluous.  How do we determine what is essential and what is superfluous?  There is first and foremost: Prayer.  Yet, there is also, knowing the purpose of your being.

When you know your purpose is to bear fruit, and not to grow as big as you can, you know what to cut and what to leave, or when to let grow and when to cut back.  What is the purpose?
Sunset lit tree
I am going to be bold and say the purpose is family.  If I have a life filled with worthy persuits, but my family is not bearing life is still unfulfilling and unfulfilled.  What do I mean "bearing fruit"?  In previous posts I have outlined the difference between checking off boxes, and making lasting connections.  Building family ties takes more than the completion of tasks, it takes time, being still, eye contact, doing chores together-for the purpose of talking together, it takes kindness when kindness is inconvenient, etc.

Sometimes, don't we forget that we are here to bear fruit...not just to grow leaves and shoots?  I know I do.  I am trying SO hard to allow my heart and mind to be remodeled to more fully understand what this means for me personally.  I know one thing, it means that if I sacrifice a career for my marriage and family, I'm still fulfilling my purpose.  Yet, I know God has a purpose for me in serving other people too.11791847_10155870272125788_916105946_n
So, everyday, I am looking for guidance from God in what to prune, and what to grow because some what I do to help outside my family helps my family fruit too.  I have been learning this and I know that when I feel pulled, it's good to chose home, and let God take care of some of those branches for me.  I know this because He's been showing me that already.  He's multiplied the amount of people I've been able to empower with tools for happiness in their relationships, while preserving my time with my family.
For more about embracing motherhood and ALL God has for you, try this MP3 download designed to reaffirm and empower you to make the best choices for you and your family.
Mom is a Mission Too (e-mail me for the link

Liz King Bradley

Loving Me, Loving You

The truth:  each one of us is loved, beloved, unique, special,The thread of Good
DIVINE!  The more we see the truth in us, the easier it is to see the truth in others.  Not only can we see how they are manifesting the divine truth in them, we can see if they are not.  It places us in a better position to know how to best serve them, and God.

10 ASk YourselfIt's amazing to note that God sees in us the ability to do great things. He allows us to go through some pretty tough things, it must be that He knows we can do it.  Knowing that God has that confidence in me, is uplifting and humbling at the same time.

I am so grateful for a God who sees good in me and expects me to keep working.

Living In Light, Learning How to Chose Joy
Liz King Bradley

The Community, The Water, and The Juice

by Liz King Bradley March 19, 2015

Once there was a town called Society.  The people in the town had a well that flowed continuously and had great power to heal, to mend relationships, to cleanse from bodily sickness and lift the downtrodden spirit.  The well was called Living Water.  They drank from this well daily, and immersed themselves in it weekly.  When someone was sick they would say, "Come, with me, I'll help you to the well."  To those who were so sick they could not even remember the well they said, "Here, here is some of the water from that well."  The town founder who placed the well before them had also written guidelines so they would know when they were sick and in need of healing.  

As time went on, there were those who said "Who are you to tell me I am sick...or that I need that water.  I am drinking juice of the stimuli plant, I'm fine."  Over time, some of those who drank from the stimuli plant began to tell others that the water from the well wasn't really healing, and that the people who were bringing those to that well merely wanted power and influence over them.  When they saw the people who drank the water from the well, they saw a brilliance and a light, but called it arrogance and deceit.  The juice of the stimuli plant gave them a quick and short lived burst of energy that almost imitated the water, but soon after drinking it you would need more of never satisfied, it only pacified.  The guidelines came to be seen as restrictive.  The founder? They questioned if he even existed.

The stimuli juice came in many flavors and colors.  Some were more appealing to the eyes, others more appealing to the stomach, some appealing to the brain, and others to the sexual parts, but all of them carried a secret poison.  The poison deactivated the part of their soul that knew and remembered the peace and joy of the water from the well, so that over time, they would forget true peace.  Instead of seeing the hands that offered the water with a sense of the love and care of the person, they saw it as judgement and arrogance that they believed the water was better than the juice. 

 The water bringers were at first concerned for the well being of the juicers, but some of them forgot to drink the water to heal their hurts and began to return rejection for rejection and bitterness for bitterness. They didn't drink the juice, but they didn't drink the water either, they perceived that they were better than the juice drinkers and ceased to seek the healing and strengthening of the water. They still offered the water, but they never seemed to drink it for themselves, while congratulating themselves for being "water bearers", and "juice abstainers", they forgot the need to drink the water for themselves.  

There began to be divisions.  These divisions were fueled by labels like "Water drinkers", "Juicers", "Bearers", "judgers", etc. They were no more a community of individual people, they were groups and each individual was forgotten as the characteristics of the groups they were in became the only thing they saw in each other.  

Some water bearers, thought the people who drank the juice were right, that to offer the water was offensive and began to discourage others from offering the water to heal.  They thought that the pain and defensiveness felt by the people who drank juice was because of the offering of healing, rather than the natural effect of not drinking the water and of drinking juice that would never satisfy.  Their intentions were good, they wanted to be accepting of others and respectful. 

 Fewer and fewer people received the healing waters, and even those who did not partake of the juice began to judge those who drank the water and blame them for the unhappiness of those drinking the juice because the light and happiness of those who drank the water reminded those drinking juice of the emptiness of their remedy.  Drinking the juice began to be seen as an alternate to the water, instead of a harmful deterrent from the healing of the water.  

People used the word "different" instead of better or worse.  Some people even began to say that the well should be sealed up and those who offered the water should be banned from even mentioning it because of the discord that was growing in the population.  Some of those who drank water began to say, the juice plants should all be burned, and those who drink juice expelled from the community. So retaliation and control seeped in and love, edification, and respect dwindled.

 In the meantime, some of those drinking the juice had noticed their complete bondage to the juice and those who provided it, and to the opinions of those around them to feel good about it.  They felt an unrest in their souls as the last sparks of peace were being closed out of them.  Those who continued to drink the water saw, with clarity, the pain of those drinking the juice, and sought to help in the most loving way possible, they were often misunderstood.

Yet, those drinking juice who were blessed to meet up with a friend or loved one who still cared for their well-being and drank freely of the water, sometimes chose to try the water.  The effects of the water went deeper and fuller, but also carried a revealing power that opened their minds to the things they were doing wrong when seeking for or under the influence of the stimuli juice.  They would, sometimes, quit because of the pain and blame the water for it. 

 Others, though, saw the pain and drank the water more deeply, and allowed it to create the change and recovery from the social, emotional, and spiritual effects of the juice.  The water healed their bodies too, but that was easy in comparison to the damage healed in their hearts, minds, spirits, and relationships with others.  Having been healed, and understanding in a personal way, the effects of the juice and knowing the language of the people who drank the juice, they reached out to their friends and neighbors.  Though not all of them accepted, more of them listened because they could not deny the former juice drinker knew the pain and joy of both sides and the journey it took to receive the joy.  

 Not everyone in the community came back together.  However, those who continually drank the water and those who began to drink the water again continued bringing the opportunity to those who judged and those who drank the juice, healing began to happen and divisions began to be formed into unity as the water installed forgiveness, peace, and joy into the hearts of all who would receive it.  

A miracle occurred and the labels began to disappear as people stopped being identified as those who drank or those who didn't, or those who judged and those who didn't. The drinking of the water and the pathway to receiving it opened their hearts and minds to see the many facets in each others being, to build on the common good, and allow the healing of the water to do for them what they now knew they could not do with the juice or on their own.  They came to realize the wisdom of the founder.

What would have happened if they sealed the well?  

What would have happened if the water drinkers had listened to those who told them to stop offering?  

What would have happened if everyone believed there was nothing wrong with the juice?  

Is the problem in acknowledging something wrong with the juice, or in not offering the water with enough conviction and love?  

Was it kindness to tell those who were suffering the effects of the juice that there was nothing wrong with it?  

What character in this story are you most like?  

Which one do you want to be like?

****Note from the Author:  This story is not about a particular spiritual ailment, it is about all of them in any of the many forms they take and how we need the Savior to heal us and create harmony between us.  The juice could be addiction, it could be alternative lifestyles, it could be addiction to people approval, it is about anything we use in place of the Saving and Healing power of Jesus Christ in our lives. 

I LOVE my Body...(gratitude for what I have and reality about "treating" myself)

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll notice I have written about body issues a few times.  The following is a series of posts I have made on FB since I've been doing the #Ilovemybodydiet with Jennifer Lamprey
I Love my thighs!!!! When was the last time you thought that or said it..if ever?
I was just thinking today how grateful I am for my feet. Seriously. I think the feet may have the hardest job of all. They carry EVERYTHING anytime you're upright....then you add whatever you carry in your tummy and your arms, etc. Then, there's running. Wow. Feet.. I solute you and thank you!
So, I remember a trainer I had when I did Crossfit., I loved this trainer/gym because the emphasis was not on beating others, but on improving our own bests. This trainer was firm, but gentle. That's how I want to be with my body. I also want to get past apologizing and move on to just doing better. It occurs to me that I have already apologized, more than enough for letting my body get to the shape it's in, it's time to trust that my apology is accepted and move on. I am just gonna keep focussing on how it feels to be 6 pounds lighter in a week and really sinking into the gratitude and hope of that. AND when I am exercising and my legs hurt, I am going to say, "It's okay, if you need to stop, I can, and we can keep going, if that's okay.
When we think we are not enough, or that we do not matter we take on baggage emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I AM ENOUGH and I MATTER. Are two of the most powerful statements you can have running in your minds system. I believe the MOST powerful of all is "I love God and He loves me." Because God is the great magnifier and the love we send Him comes back to us magnified. When that happens we are no longer worried about whether we are enough or our efforts are enough, it is totally assumed that we are, it is just there. The key for me is always to stop worrying if I'm enough, focus on loving God, and then I just know that I am.
Ever notice how your mind can try to trick you into doing things that do not support your highest health......... It's that little voice that says "I'm TREATING myself." Thankfully today, my higher self said "Yeah, you are treating yourself to throwing a monkey wrench in your goals and feeling less healthy." "No thanks!" LOL I love me. I'll have a protein shake or bar or green smoothie with an almond buttered waffle instead of waffles covered in syrup or jam. tongue emoticon...oh, pray for me! That waffle sounds GOOD!
When I was a newlywed, my belief about my beauty may have been "I am as beautiful as my ability to sexually influence my husband, I am as beautiful as he thinks I am." My honeymoon was not like a movie. My husband was NOT overcome at the sight of me and, in fact was irritated by my spontaneity. The truth is that his being is constant, consistent and NOT spontaneous. BUT because I thought my beauty was based on my ability to distract him and what he thought of me, I felt ugly....outside.... and trapped because the one person on earth to whom I had given that power over me was not giving me what I thought he would. I have been taking back that power because even now that he is more spontaneous and susceptible to me, it doesn't fill me because it was never meant to. I get to chose, every day, to love myself the way I want to be loved, to nurture myself as I want to be nurtured and to give myself everything I can and get the rest form God. YET, still be open to receiving more when it's offered and just be grateful for it as a bonus, an extra gift, not an expectation.
"Still really loving my body. I don't think God gave me body, called it a temple, and then expected me to disregard it, disrespect it or hate it. I think God expects me to respect it, be grateful for it , and love it completely. I have to say I probably love my eyes the most of any part of me today because of what I can both take in and express with my eyes.
I shed another 6 a week!!!! YAY me!!!!!!!!! My body is so AWESOME!!! Look at that weight fall away! smile emoticon Honestly and truly, all I have done is ask God to help, strive to drink more water, say kind and loving and honoring things about my body, eat more veggies and make sure I had enough protein (I have casually watched my calories). LOVE and GOD did it. I am totally serious! Love and God.
I finally put up my full length mirror..against a door I never use. tongue emoticon Come to find out it didn't come with anything to hang from so I need to put some on it...then put holes in the door" Hmm. Thinking about solutions for that. Anyway, I AM LOVING it. I had a really transformational experience doing one of the exercises with ‪#‎Ilovemybodydiet‬ and for the first time in a really long time (maybe ever) I am looking at my body, as it is, without pretending or imagining it different and really appreciating an loving it. I love how I look in my full length mirror. When was last time you heard that or said it to anyone?
I had the BEST breakthrough doing these pics. I could only see myself beautiful for the last many years by trying to feel what it's like to be thin. I absolutely LOVE my body! I have a smoking' hot body! I see every inch of me, every pound of me and I have a gorgeous body.

I came to an awareness that my years of being without my husband (he works away from home most of the time) have helped me be more whole in myself. I learned to give myself the things I'd want someone to give taking myself out to eat, giving myself a gift of a massage, waxing, mani's and pedis, etc. When Selena Gomez came out with that song "Lovesong" I sang it to myself about myself. I am in love with myself. Then we could also soy that I've been a bit of an abusive companion because I have heaped a lot of shame, blame, and hatred on myself too. So, I'm becoming a better lover to myself.
Now, to get better at that all the time, not just when he's gone. I am happier in some ways when he's gone and it's because I honor me more.
I LOVE my body. There is creativity, beauty, happiness and compassion in it. These values flow through me, like a waterfall of light they enliven and envigorate me. They support the unfoldment of my greatest purpose.
I have had the privilege of being the creative passage for five children. Five human beings have been created and developed within me. My body still participates in the creation of their lives as I nurture and care for them each day.
I am beautiful. My body is a filter through which my spirit expresses itself. The beauty of my soul can be easily seen through my body, if I look to see it. It is most easily seen through my eyes, but also through my smile, the way I move and the things I say. My body was specifically designed and created by God as the perfect companion and helpmeet of my spirit. My body shows much of the experience of my life, a picture that through Christ is breathtakingly overwhelming. My body is beautiful and tells the story of my life.
I am happy. Happiness is my natural state, under all the baggage I’ve carried and masks I’ve worn. I have a sparkle and lightness in me that bubbles up and overflows. I was made to be happy and to laugh. Joy and laughter are the precious gifts of my mortal existance, in God I find them revealed and magnified.
I am compassionate. I feel in my heart, in my head and my solar plexus the heartache of others and am moved to help in the ways that are most loving. Compassion enables me to be present with God to know what is best to do in any situation. I am tender and merciful.
I love my body! There is creativity, beauty, happiness and compassion in it.
Adam & Eve, My Husband & I, God and Me, Me
I was talking to someone about symbols the other day, specifically about 11:11 it started as 11:56 and my brain quickly brought up that 11:56 was also 11:11 because 5-6 is 11. Anyway that led into some awesome discussion about god in earth, and how Christ on earth and God in us is the ultimate expression of God in Earth. 1= God and 4 = earth four ones is God in earth, in us, Christ in Earth. Then it lead to synchronicity. Christ creates synchronicity between God and us....
Also around the same few days, I have been thinking about spirit and body, Adam and Eve. When I studied women and their roles outlined in the bible I saw that what I THOUGHT was cultural was actually doctrinal, if it is doctrinal it is always bringing me closer to God and He wants me to do it. So, though I have always been strong-willed an stubborn and independent, I began to submit to my husband and really take on the role of being helpmeet (lest there be misunderstanding this did not make me a silent partner, just a more flexible and willing one...AND one who sometimes submitted when I knew I was right trusting in God to correct it because of my obedience.) Submitting to my husband was really about submitting to God. In order for me to submit to my husband I HAD to have faith that God would take care of me because sometimes my fabulous husband is imperfect (like me and everyone else). I noticed that I got much closer to God when I put myself into the space of submitting.
AWESOME! What does it have to do with 11:11, God in us, Adam and Eve and synchronicity? I'll tell you. 
I have been pondering about the symbolism of Adam and Eve as it relates to each of us. I have been pondering, body and spirit, which one is represented by Adam, and which by Eve. I believe Adam represents the Sprit and Eve the body. As our spirits are obedient to God our body must submit, trusting that through God the outcome will be right because the body cannot see what the spirit sees, it can only feel the warmth or lack thereof of the Holy Ghost. First the spirit was created , then the body (first Adam and then Eve). Our relationship with our bodies is a relationship indeed. And the management of our bodies via our spirits is meant to be as Christ is with us, " By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,"(2 Corinthians 6:6) ALL the scriptures about how a husband should treat a wife are also about how we should treat our bodies. All the scriptures about how wives should treat husbands are also about how our bodies submit to our spirits. Our spirits and bodies are only temporarily united, only through the resurrection can they be made one. Only through Christ. 11:11 is Christ. Christ is the path to God in us and in making us ONE...or God.
Adam is also “Mankind” “Eve” is living. In some ways, though our spirit existed before, it was not fully living until it had that body, and the body without the spirit is not living either.
The rib, from which the body came signifies equality. I compared different types of equality. Different types of companionships. Soldiers have a great sense of brotherhood, they will lay down their lives for each other, but the companionship suggested by the rib(that which protects the inside, the core and heart of a person) indicates that he lays down not only his life, but his heart for her. That is much deeper than a sense of equality that merely garnets equal treatment. The intimacy of the rib signifies loving, intimate treatment and the deepest trust there is. There is incredible insight in this for both the spirit and body relationship and the male and female relationship according to God.
Some videos I've made along the way:

Me and My Body

I have had a sort-of hateful relationship with my body. When I was little I compared my hands to my mom's and always wished they would be long and tapered like hers. I have come to love them as they are: bumpy and square on the ends. I used to hate my feet, for the same reason, but I have come to love them, they are cute. I have been ashamed of my body for a really long time.

As a teen I hated that my sisters clothes never looked as good on me, well, we may be sisters but we are not built the same so it wasn't my body that was wrong it was my method of trying to be someone else's type of beauty. As most teenage girls do, I used to have fights with my hair as I tried to get it to look like the latest style and it wanted to go another way. At around 17 years old I stopped fighting with my hair and started working WITH it, I made the direction it wanted to go look and feel good.

After I was married I was mad at myself and disdained my body for not being more distracting to my husband. I thought my beauty depended on his reaction to me. I'm working hard to make my beauty between me and God. I LOVED my body when I was pregnant and having babies. I was so grateful for it and how easily it got pregnant and carried and delivered babies. Then I sold out my body by listening to an impatient doctor who was more concerned about his schedule for the day than my health and well-being. I let him talk me into and unnecessary c-section, that changed my daily life and my future deliveries. I trusted the Doctor more than I trusted myself or God. The scaring from that surgery pretty much destroyed my uterus, which was already holding so much trauma from sexual abuse as a child. I had two more babies vaginally, but my poor uterus was so overburdened with scars it just wouldn't work as it had with my previous deliveries. In the end of my delivery with my last two children my uterus just quit, luckily I was dilated enough to push my babies out with my other muscles, but I was ANGRY that my body was not doing what I needed it to do. I had crippled it and was angry that I could not do whatever I wanted and have it continue to work for me just the same.

I have since blamed my body for why I can't be healthy, why I can't loose weight, etc. (I have called my metabolism slow, but truthfully, it isn't slow as much as it is efficient; it requires less to do more.) I have also been grateful that through my body God has taught me lessons of how to slow down, ask for help, receive, and let unnecessary things go.

To this day, because of the pressure I put on my body while I was pregnant my abdominal muscles are prolapsed, and there is not a surgery with viable results to help them. I am in the process of repenting (profoundly changing) with my body. I am making amends for all the ways I have harshly judged my body and not dwelled more on compassion and encouragement. I have put my body through A LOT and it is a little worse for the wear and I expected it to function as if it had done much less. I am owning that and I am committed to treating my body with greater kindness, compassion, and love.

In my twenties I was so focussed on being the "do it all woman" that I really abused my body. I come from a long line of hard working strong women and I am so grateful for that, but sometimes we are really mean to ourselves and push far to hard for far too long.  That's the other way I've been unkind to my body. When I DO give my body the rest it needs, I have entertained thoughts of being lazy. (Not that I never am, I am sometimes) This always comes from comparing myself to someone else, which is just another way of saying "You're not enough."

I have been denying my body the exercise and rest it needs by staying up too late and not exercising much. I used to push too hard, then I stopped working on it at all. I did the worst thing you can do with a partner: I gave up on it. Wow. Have you ever had someone give up on you and not give you a chance to do better? It's a HORRIBLE feeling and place to be. That's what I did to me, to my body. My body is the closest relationship my spirit has on earth, and I have not honored her.
I am committing to:
8 hours of sleep.
Daily showers,no matter how busy.
shaving once a week
makeup every day
pedicures/manicures every 3-4 weeks
Lot's of fruits and veggies, 80 grams of protein/day
3.3 liters of water per day.
10 minutes of exercise per day
Long baths 1-2 times a week.
Filling my body with love every by thinking kindly and honestly.
What do you commit to do to show respect for yourself and God?
Liz King Bradley